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Welcome to Folio!

You’ve had a lot of valuable experiences in your MHC career.

  • Did you take a class that rearranged your world?
  • Did you complete an internship that excited you?
  • Did you start or join a student organization?
  • Has your campus job gotten you excited about your future career?
  • Did your study abroad make you excited to travel or learn a new language?
  • Are you involved in activism you care about?
  • Were you on a sports team?
  • Do you do community service?
  • Did you complete a CBL project that made a difference?
  • Are you completing a Nexus?

Are you wondering how all of these experiences fit together?

Developing an eportfolio can be the next step in helping you integrate these experiences into your academic, career, and personal goals. With an eportfolio, you can build an online presence that showcases your valuable experiences that will resonate with a wider audience and help you reach your goals. And LITS can help!

Who can use Folio?

Currently-enrolled MHC students and MHC alums with active MHC accounts may use Folio. Faculty and staff may also use Folio, although we anticipate most of their needs will be met by Commons, the primary WordPress offering on-campus.

Effective April 19, 2022, we have disabled new site registrations. Please set up your portfolio site on Commons.


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