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I am a Senior at Mount Holyoke with a Psychology Major and Economics and Global Business Minor. I am passionate about multicultural and Digital Media Marketing with multinational organizations.

As a student of Psychology and Economics and a self-professed globetrotter, I have always yearned to understand how people make decisions – and how culture plays a role in these decisions. Market research and multicultural marketing have provided me with the ideal platform for exploring these phenomena on the corporate scale.

Interning at both an Australian television network and an integrated multicultural marketing and advertising firm, I enjoyed playing with primary and secondary data to understand what our consumers of television and telecommunications really wanted. At Coca-Cola, I drew actionable insights from my research on social media marketing and helped successfully launch a LinkedIn page for Coca-Cola India.

During my final semesters at Mount Holyoke College, I synthesized my academic and professional experiences by pursuing a minor in Global Business and taking courses in Marketing and Behavioral Economics. I also held leadership positions on campus where I engaged constantly with diverse viewpoints – whether I was interviewing prospective students from different backgrounds at the Office of Admissions, or mentoring my peers at the Speaking, Arguing, and Writing Center.

Now a recent graduate, I am keen to follow my passion for understanding what makes people tick. I aim to work with the marketing department of a multinational organization.