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Coca-Cola: Digital Marketing and Social Media


I worked with the Digital Media Marketing team at Coca-Cola's headquarters in India for three months this past summer.
I worked with the digital media marketing team at Coca-Cola's headquarters in India for three months in the summer of 2016.

I am a millennial, and I learned very early on that people present themselves differently on social media and in real life. They make careful decisions about how to portray themselves, and curate every Facebook status update, Instagram photo, and Tweet to ensure it is consistent with this idea. My intrigue with personal branding led me to digital media marketing, a field devoted to framing information on an online platform in a way that evokes an intended response by its viewers.

In the summer of 2016, I spent three months in digital media marketing at Coca-Cola's headquarters in India. I worked on several phases of the launch of a LinkedIn page for Coca-Cola India, from benchmarking and conducting ground research on social media platforms, to pitching strategies and liaising with core departments, to scheduling for an elaborate content calendar.

I also counseled my team on advertisement proposals. Despite being a new intern, I was often the first to express my concerns on these ads, channeling my critical analysis skills from the liberal arts, my views on gender equality from a women’s institution, and my fearlessness from Mount Holyoke College.

What I most enjoyed during these three months was that, despite the immense diversity in my projects, the question I consistently asked myself did not change: “What story can I tell my target audience?” I am enthusiastic about playing a part in this phenomenon that has fascinated me since my teenage years – harnessing the power of social media to portray a product in the most appealing way!